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The Mind Is The Healer The Mind Is The Killer
Ze'ev Kolman Ph.D.

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The Secret of Healing
by Zeev Kolman, Ph.D
A True Story

Author's Hand Print and Signature + S&H included in the US

from the Foreword
Zeev Kolman, the subject of this book, is a natural healer. His healing - bioenergy - comes from his body energy, which emanates through his hands. His gift - his ability - has nothing to do with one's belief or disbelief or with any form of religious or quasi-religious commitment in order for it to work. It works nearly always, depending on circumstances and the nature, duration, and severity of the disease. Mr. Kolman is not a miracle worker or guru leading some sort of occult movement of faithful followers. He is an ordinary, honest man to whom the gift of healing comes as much as a surprise as it does to those he sees and tries to help.

Zeev Kolman, condensed from Chapter 1
I was 36 years old, on active reserve duty as I had been every other year. I was sent to a military post in Sinai opposite the fortifications of Omm Hasheibah - a threat to Israel's security, as they were manned by the Egyptian army. Our duty consisted of night surveillance. As it became dark we would drive up in armored carriers to the lookout point at the top of a high mountain, and throughout the night we would watch the Egyptian position.

One morning after we had arrived back at the camp, I went to sleep but awoke very soon without being able to fall asleep again. It was about 6 am. I left the tent for the open desert and gazed at the first light of the morning. I felt a tremendous inner urge to climb the mountain alone. I walked up slowly using the path that had been carved out to the lookout post.

I reached the lookout post and saw the yawning abyss beyond the mountain. I had a bird's eye view of everything below. I was sitting, relaxing, when suddenly I noticed a structure, elliptical in shape. The light - this structure - became brighter and moved in my direction. There were hundreds of small projections coming from it. This thing passed above my head at very fast speed casting a large shadow over the mountain.

Next thing I know I am surrounded by a kind of cloud, like cotton or sugar candy, and inside that cloud are eleven creatures standing around me in a half-circle. Their bodies were clear like milky glass; their heads were hairless; their eyes were outstanding.

> The white substance covered me and I felt completely powerless to act. A mixture of sounds came from their mouths, but I could not understand their language. One in the center was of a darker color and it seemed to me he was the leader. They were shorter than I was, standing partly on the ground and partly above.

Next thing I recall was waking up from sleep and finding myself, to my shock, lying on my back at the edge of the mountain!

> I knew I had seen these things. The events had indeed occurred. I began to descend the mountain slowly in the direction of the camp. The camp was already in darkness. With my emotions in turmoil, I could not tell anyone the experience I had gone through.

I went directly to the mess tent as if nothing had happened. A soldier named Eran came over and said something to me. I answered him and extended my hand. Eran took it and collapsed as if struck by lightning. Eventually he opened his eyes. "How do you feel?" I asked. He replied, "Fantastic."

The next few minutes were spent trying to calm down matters. Another soldier came over. Jokingly, I extended my hand and again the same thing happened - the soldier fell down unconscious. After that a number of other soldiers also went through the same experience.

> For me, this phenomenon was very bizarre. At the time I had no knowledge or understanding of phenomena such as this.

The next morning, on one of the beds, a soldier sat reading a book. The soldier put his legs across the aisle and refused to allow me to pass. As we were joking around, I decided to tickle his knees to move them. The soldier suddenly began to scream, "You're electrocuting me!" The next day the soldier said to me, "Zeev, look at my knees... Because of the electricity you caused with your touch, the lesions on my knees have disappeared! For years hospitals gave me various ointments to apply, and yet the lesions never disappeared."

Yosef, one the the soldiers, came over to me and told me, each night, he would have tremendous headaches. This had been going on for a number of years. He asked me - half-seriously and half in jest - to lay my hands on his head. Maybe that would offer relief to his throbbing head. I spontaneously placed my hands on his head and left them there for a time. He looked at me in astonishment. "I feel great!" A week later Yosef added, "Every night I wait for my headaches, but they no longer come."

By now I began to accept the strange things that were happening to me. From that day on, whenever we ascended the mountain, I spent long hours looking at the sky, turning my head over and over to the place where the strangers had appeared.

I believe my body underwent a certain energetic process through the dense plasma which enveloped me, through which my body must have absorbed something. I understand that I was given the power of healing.

Professor Hans Holzer is a lecturer and the author of 119 books, including Healing Beyond Medicine . He studied at Columbia University, the University of Vienna, and the London College of Applied Science. Dr. Holzer taught parapsychology for eight years at the New York Institute of Technology. He is also a writer / producer of television and film documentaries.


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