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Zeev (spoken Zev) Kolman is a bio-energetic healer, he possesses the ability to transfer an enormous amount of electromagnetic energy to a patient who is inflicted with a disease to create or activate a healing process.  He has astounded the medical community with documented healings that include eliminating cancer from a person that was given little time or hope for survival.  Whether by being in Zeev's office or half way around the world you can use the energy that Zeev has to offer for the purposes of healing and peace. 

Zeev is focusing on absentee healing (healing at a distance).  This process is when Zeev sends energy from wherever he is in the world to a person that requests it at a specific time.  The planet is composed of electromagnetic energy that runs in channels all throughout our planet, distance is irrelevant when dealing with the energy that Zeev uses. 

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Zeev has the ability to transmit energy to anywhere in the world.  In order to have an absentee healing , we require a picture, date-of-birth, city/country, and a brief letter of what your ailments are. 

Each and every human being utilizes his five senses.  In addition, each individual has a gland which appears as a pine cone, whose leaves are open.  In essence, every human being is born with the potential to become a channel.  Due to a lack of development of these facilities most of us never actually become channels.

What is the Basis of these Special Attributes?

When we arrive at a hospital, an electrocardiogram is administered.  Electrodes are placed on our limbs and we are connected to an electric current. Which, registers on a graph with all these instruments a conclusion is drawn that in the human body there are electrical impulses and flows.  Otherwise, the needle would not be able to register and there would be no purpose in being hooked up to electrodes.  If there is electricity there must be an electromagnetic field.  In other words there cannot be electricity without there being an electronic field.  This electromagnetic field of the human body is called in Para psychological terms "astral body" or "aura".

What is this body?

In this body is our entire emotional system.  A medium is capable of seeing all of our "auras."  Because his pine cone shaped gland is fully open.  In religious terminology "aura" is referred to as a "halo".  Different religions illustrated this aura as a yellow circle surrounding the head of hold figures.  People in previous generations were much more in tune astrally than in our generation.


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